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In the spirit of the festive season, our content agency had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with MercadoPago, the leading online payment platform, to develop a special app that would enhance the gifting experience for users. Together, we embarked on a journey to create a seamless connection between MercadoPago and Facebook, allowing users to select amazing MercadoLibre gifts for their friends, pay with MercadoPago, and spread joy during the holiday season.

Understanding MercadoPago's Vision

MercadoPago is renowned for its commitment to convenience, security, and innovation in online payments. Our collaboration focused on understanding MercadoPago’s core values and its desire to enhance the gifting experience for its users. We aimed to create an app that seamlessly integrated with Facebook, leveraging the platform’s social connections to facilitate thoughtful and hassle-free gift selection.

Designing the MercadoPago Xmas App

Central to our collaboration was the development of the MercadoPago Xmas app. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive design, the app allowed users to connect to their Facebook accounts and access their friends’ profiles. Users could explore their friends’ interests, hobbies, and wishlists, providing valuable insights for selecting the perfect MercadoLibre gift.

Streamlining the Gifting Process

We focused on creating a seamless and convenient gifting process within the app. Users could browse through a curated selection of MercadoLibre products tailored for the holiday season. With advanced search filters and personalized recommendations based on their friends’ preferences, users could quickly find the ideal gift options. The integration of MercadoPago as the payment gateway ensured secure transactions and a hassle-free checkout process.

Leveraging Facebook's Social Connections

By connecting the app to Facebook, we tapped into the power of social connections and made gifting a truly personalized experience. Users could view their friends’ profiles, browse through their posts and interactions, and gain insights into their preferences. This social integration added a layer of thoughtfulness and ensured that the gifts chosen resonated with the recipients, enhancing the joy of giving during the festive season.

Ensuring a Memorable User Experience

We placed great emphasis on delivering a memorable user experience within the MercadoPago Xmas app. From a visually engaging interface to smooth navigation and seamless integration with MercadoPago, every aspect was carefully designed to enhance the joy of gifting. The app offered personalized recommendations, order tracking, and customer support, ensuring a delightful journey from gift selection to delivery.


Our collaboration with MercadoPago focused on creating a captivating app that streamlined the gifting experience during the festive season. By seamlessly integrating with Facebook and leveraging the power of MercadoLibre and MercadoPago, the MercadoPago Xmas app provided users with a convenient, personalized, and joyful way to select and send gifts to their friends. The app not only facilitated meaningful connections but also added a touch of convenience and excitement to the holiday season, spreading joy and cheer with every MercadoLibre gift paid seamlessly with MercadoPago.