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Purchasing & Ordering Software

Globally, thousands of small retail chain owners use Purchasing. ai to promptly generate new orders, consolidate pending orders and instantly share them with vendors and distributors. This Software as a Service is available over the web as well as on Apple and Android Devices.

The software applies machine learning and NLP to learn from the user’s usage to identify patterns for higher return on capital employed.

Industry’s applications:

Projects : Locationwise

Location Verification Made Easy!

Add time, date and GPS coordinates to pictures while capturing them with LocationWise. It turns images into permanent, irrefutable and tamper-proof evidence. So, this app is great for before-and- after work verification with a timestamp, or to “punch-in” at job sites.

Save the date, time and location information on your photos using LocationWise. It enables you to add opulent watermark and comments to not only verify location but also save them from imitation. So, whether you want to add a stamp to preserve your moments or use them as an inspection evidence- LocationWise is the right solution for you!

Projects :

Data Engineering Platform Service

At Meradesh, we work with data that is siloed, disconnected and fragmented to turn them to data driven insights and narratives. A mission-driven data engineering business; we specialize in fulfilling the requirements of a rapidly evolving media industry and the essentials of data-driven organizations. Our ‘Build- Train- Deploy’ model allows for seamless integration of data monetization, visualization, and derivative data products.

Industry’s applications:

Projects : Behavioral Analytics 

Data-Driven Behavioral Finance Platform

Our in-house team of data scientists, developers and AI experts built an AI-driven behavioral analytics tool that marries careful scrutiny of market sentiments and the area of inherent human cognitive biases. The aim is to provide concrete data about how much of the price movementis a making-of human emotions and what would be the ideal real-world price for retail investors.

Industry’s applications:

Projects : iRED

IoT for the Physical World

We, at Hashbrown Systems, have developed a statistically sound AI-based sampling device- iRED that can capture traffic in intervals to identify and classify the objects for calculating ROI, impressions, and viewership, determining socio-economic groups and ascertaining market segmentation. An all-weather device, iRED is equipped to handle adverse conditions – rain, dust, heat, moisture.

Industry’s applications:

Projects : Compass

Media & Campaign Planning Software

A planning tool that showcases the best that Brandears has to offer in terms of data analytics, application of machine learning in commercial software, programming, development, and mobile application design and deployment.

Compass utilizes location analytics, demographic information, points of interest (POI), and psychographic analytics coupled with first-party audited data of traffic trends, vehicular classification and market segmentation.

Industry’s applications:

Projects : Ooh Monitoring

Media Monitoring, Audit, Compliance & Campaign Management

The Ooh Monitoring system by Brandears is an integrated suite of services that incorporates all aspects of an outdoor advertisement campaign. The solution unifies the services provided by the vendor, verifies the activity by tamper-proof mechanism, integrates the data and information into a CRM that provides real time updates and reports to the advertiser/client by way of web portal and personalized mobile applications.

Industry’s applications:

Projects : Automated Trading System

Pre-Trade Risk Management & Trading Automation

The ATS is a marvel of data engineering and cloud computing. It performs fundamental and technical analysis of over 3000 securities to provide entry and exit positionsfor autonomous trading. The final deployed product is fully automated, cost and time efficient, continuously tested through validation modules and comprises in-built manual override functions. The system runs on hundreds of microservices and APIs, and can integrate with various data sources and trade on different exchanges at a fraction of the cost.

Industry’s applications:

Projects : Machine Dadal

Global Trading Platform for Printing & Packaging and Converting Industry

A Global Trading Platform for buyers, sellers, dealers, and manufacturers to advertise, market, and promote their printing, packaging, and converting equipment. The Mobile App keeps track of users’ inventory and efficiently connects them with global prospects. It is a complete bundle of features and specs.

Industry’s applications:

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