Cinema Ecom 🍰


We designed the digital sales platform of Cinemex by Socialsnack Cinemex, the chain of cinemas in Mexico, sought to provide an innovative user experience in all digital points of contact and at the same time boost its online ticket sales business. Its e-commerce platform needed to not only adapt but also propose a change to serve millions of viewers. Cinemex sought to eliminate any contingency in infrastructure, product of the number of recurring users on its site. *2011
Our challenge was to conceptually think what a movie experience should be based on the uses and customs of entertainment consumption nowadays. The proposal analyzed the behavior of users when buying a movie ticket. We introduce Design Thinking disciplines along with agile methodologies to create ideas and prototypes in an accurate and immediate way. Through tools such as Map of interest, Storyboards and Focus Group, we designed a whole new user experience. The project contemplated different specialized practices, such as information architecture, interface design for multiple devices, agile development of the ticket sales platform together with a careful and thorough examination of the sales process and ticket checkout.

We always seek to promote the progress of our clients' business.

These are results according to agreed KPIs:


* Cinemex increased its traffic more than 30% after 90 days of the launch of our online ticket sales product.


* The uptime of the structure designed by our team was 99.8%, and exceeded all expected traffic peaks.


* The sale of tickets increased considerably, along with the user experience in all its digital points of contact.


In a second stage of the project, we contemplate improving data intelligence processes to collect information on uses and experiences of purchasing more than 800,000 recurring transactions.