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Surtank connects with entrepreneurs, innovation managers, new businesses and human resources, working collaboratively in the development of innovative solutions aimed at solving real problems, using methodologies and cutting-edge techniques. It is a formative, motivating, and experimental experience. Composed of a series of activities dedicated entirely to learning, doing. We work on design concepts, intrapreneur innovation and open innovation, focused on experience.
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Intrapreneur Innovation 🚀

The seminar lasts 5 hours, in which the participants learn techniques and tools that generate the ideal context to transform an organization into an innovator, thanks to speakers and a first-class international workshop. In this way, the participants work in teams always focused on solving problems and on persons.


Experience made up of a series of activities dedicated entirely to learning by doing in companies and organizations that seek to provide new solutions to problems and challenges.


It is an innovation contest that invites you to propose ideas to solve the challenges of the City of Buenos Aires and put them into action. It rewards the best projects of social, cultural and environmental impact. We encourage passengers on the subway in the city of Bs As to dare to start showing the different tools that the GCBA has.

Argentina FUTURA 2030

We facilitate the Co-creation of Argentina in 2030, a space for dialogue between the government and society whose objective is to promote a shared vision of the country to which we aspire. We want this to become a tool to generate consensus on the future of Argentina and to guide State policies beyond the duration of each government.

Formations of Argentina Academia Emprende

We are part of the staff of trainers of Argentina Academia Emprende where specialists of each subject, we give courses to entrepreneurs from all over the country in the territory and in talks live virtuals.

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